The Project “Caterers On The Run” has started with a partner meeting in Portugal

During the meeting, the partners learned more about project activities, planned intellectual output, dissemination plan and quality control activities. The current situation in the education system and organization of the teaching process in Serbia, Portugal and Slovakia is presented at the meeting.





      Erasmus KA202 2019-1-RS01-KA202-000847 “Caterers On          The Run”  

     *Partner countries

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An online meeting of project partners was held

On February 9 th , 2021, a meeting of project partners was held online using the Microsoft Teams
platform, due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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Monitoring visit of the National Erasmus Office Serbia

On Friday, February 26th 2021, representatives of the Foundation Tempus – Erasmus Office Serbia visited High school of economics in Sombor, under the monitoring mission of the Project “Caterers On the Run” (2019-1-RS01-KA202-000847).

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On Tuesday May 18, 2021 online meeting was held with participants of the Project Caterers on the run. Participants were from Portugal, Slovakia and Serbia.

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Within the project “Caterers on the run”, a C2 LTT training entitled “Cooking and service aspects of the catering business” was held.

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Training „Baking and confectionery aspects of the catering“

Under Project “Caterers on the run”, with participation of the Secondary School of Economics Sombor, contract number 2019-1-RS01-KA202-000847, and financed under European program for education ERASMUS+, in Slovak Republic was held training program “Baking and confectionery aspects of the catering”. Secondary School of Economics was represented by its professors: Melita Danilović, Bojan Subotić and Marija Šijan.

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Training program “Entrepreneurship Aspects of Catering Business”

Under the project “Caterers on the Run” financed by European program for education ERASMUS+, contract number 2019-1-RS01-KA202-000847, Secondary School of Economics Sombor visited Portugal and attended training program “Entrepreneurship Aspects of Catering Business”.

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Report on the realized work camp in Slovakia

The partner organization “Secondary Board School under Banoš” from Banska Bistrica hosted and realized a work camp called Catering services. The work camp took place in the period from 21.03. to 25.03.2022. The working camp was attended by teachers and students of the Secondary School of Economics in Sombor, as well as in Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos , Portugal.

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Conference of the Erasmus+ project „Caterers On the Run“

On July 27th, 2022 High school of economics Sombor organized closing conference of the Erasmus+ project „Caterers On the Run“ (2019-1-RS01-KA202-000847) at Dida Hornjak Salaš, Sombor. Beside High school of economics Sombor there were other partners on the project: High school „Stredna odborna škola Pod Banošom” from Banska Bistrica (Slovakia) and High school „Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos“ from Barcelos (Portugal).