Hospitality is a branch of the economy of every state, that has been globally continuously and rapidly developing in the past decade. Therefore, hospitality educational profiles are increasingly in demand, however, in most cases, education programs for these professions do not follow the demands of the labor market at sufficient speed. For these reasons, there is a need to strengthen the key competencies of basic and continuing vocational education through additional training.

The goal of the “Caterers On The Run” project is to further strengthen the key competencies of students in initial and continuous VET education through the development of strategic partnerships, develop professional competencies of vocational teachers in VET education and support the establishment and internationalization of the implementation of VET strategies.

Three schools of vocational education are involved in the project, the Secondary School of Economics Sombor from Serbia, as the project coordinator, AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE BARCELOS from Portugal and the Stredna Odborna Skola from Slovakia as strategic partners in the project.

All three schools have some of the key competencies necessary for the development of the “Caterers On The Run”, manual, and through the implementation of their basic and practical knowledge, they can train the other two schools and draw up a segment of handbooks from their field of competence.

The result of this project, “Caterers On The Run”, is to develop a handbook describing the steps of catering business as a part of hospitality industry with a growing demand.

The expected results of the project are to strengthen and improve the competence of teachers of professional subjects in the schools of catering and entrepreneurial profiles, to enable pupils through additional education to acquire knowledge and skills that will facilitate them and provide better chances for finding a job or starting their own businesses, reduce the gap in supply and demand in the labor market, and provide information on catering services to organizations and institutions whose interests are education, hospitality, entrepreneurship and legislation.